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Bonatelli Organic Buckwheat Tarhana 320g

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Buckwheat, known for its nutty flavor and nutritional benefits, adds a wholesome dimension to this ancient dish. Bonatelli sources only the finest organic ingredients, ensuring each batch of Buckwheat Tarhana is free from synthetic pesticides and additives, making it a healthy choice for discerning palates.

To prepare, simply mix with water or broth, simmer gently, and enjoy the rich aroma and savory taste that fills your kitchen. Whether enjoyed as a comforting soup, a side dish, or creatively incorporated into recipes, Bonatelli Buckwheat Tarhana offers a taste of authentic Turkish flavors that bring warmth and satisfaction to every meal.


Organic buckwheat flour (57%), organic red pepper (10.3%), Organic yoghurt (10.3%), organic chickpeas (6.1%), organic tomatoes (6.1%), organic onion (5.1%), salt.

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To make tarhana soup, you start by rehydrating the dried tarhana mixture. This is done by mixing it with water or broth and letting it sit for a while until it softens.

The diluted tarhana mixture is then boiled over low heat, stirring constantly. As it cooks, the mixture thickens and reaches a soup consistency.

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