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Mehmet Efendi Turkish Coffee 250g

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Mehmet Efendi Turkish Coffee is a finely ground coffee blend made from high-quality Arabica beans, meticulously crafted to preserve the rich and robust flavors that define traditional Turkish coffee. With a history dating back to 1871, Mehmet Efendi's dedication to excellence has made Turkish coffee a symbol of Turkish hospitality and culture.

The coffee is finely ground to achieve the perfect texture for Turkish coffee, ensuring a smooth and velvety cup with every sip. Mehmet Efendi's Turkish Coffee boasts a well-balanced and aromatic blend, featuring notes of rich coffee with a hint of sweetness.



Ground Coffee

Country Of Origin



1. Use a Cezve (Turkish Coffee Pot): Measure the desired amount of coffee into the cezve, add sugar if preferred, and pour cold water over the coffee.

2. Slow Simmer: Place the cezve on low heat and allow the coffee to simmer slowly, stirring gently until it starts to froth.

3. Serve Unfiltered: Turkish coffee is traditionally served unfiltered, allowing the grounds to settle at the bottom of the cup.

4. Optional Cardamom Infusion: Enhance the flavor with a pinch of cardamom during brewing for a delightful aromatic twist.

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