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Free Delivery For Orders $100 & Above!

Baltali 100% Goat Buche de Chevre Cheese 200g

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Embrace the exquisite taste of Buche de Chevre—an iconic French goat cheese celebrated for its elegant log shape and remarkable flavor. Crafted from premium-quality goat's milk, this cheese captivates the palate with its creamy texture and tangy, slightly acidic notes.

Its elongated log shape and pristine white exterior make Buche de Chevre a visually stunning addition to any cheese platter or culinary creation. Encased in a velvety, edible rind, the cheese's interior offers a smooth and creamy consistency that balances the tangy flavors with a delicate richness.


100% pasteurized goat milk, salt and cheese culture

Country Of Origin

Turkey / France


Buche de Chevre shines in both savory and sweet applications. Whether crumbled over salads, paired with fruits and nuts, or enjoyed on its own with a glass of wine, its distinctive taste elevates every dining experience.

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