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Biberes Antep Spicy Paste 200g

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Antep Spicy Paste, derived from the southeastern region of Turkey known for its culinary heritage, is a robust and fiery blend of flavorful peppers and spices. This paste, also referred to as 'Antep Biber Salçası' or 'Gaziantep Pepper Paste,' encapsulates the essence of Turkish cuisine with its intense heat and aromatic profile.

Crafted from sun-dried red peppers, such as the famed Marash or Aleppo peppers, this paste showcases a rich, smoky sweetness balanced by a fiery kick. Its deep, crimson hue and thick consistency indicate its concentrated flavors, adding depth to a variety of dishes.


onion, tomato sauce, hot and sweet pepper paste sauce, vegetable oil (sunflower oil), parsley, sugar, salt, spice mix, (E211), (E202), (E301)

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used as a flavor booster in soups, stews, marinades, or as a zesty spread on bread or sandwiches. Its potent yet well-rounded taste profile complements both meat and vegetable-based dishes, infusing them with a unique depth of flavor.

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