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Free Delivery For Orders $100 & Above!

Bonvallis Spanish Quince Paste 240g

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Known as 'Membrillo' in Spain, this paste is a culinary treasure made from ripe quince fruit, carefully simmered to achieve its luxurious texture and intense sweetness.

The vibrant, golden-hued paste boasts a natural sweetness with a hint of tartness, reminiscent of ripe fruit. Its velvety smoothness and robust flavor make it a versatile delicacy that perfectly complements various cheeses, especially Manchego, adding a delightful contrast and complexity to cheese boards.


Quince fruit and sugar

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Traditionally enjoyed as a pairing with cheese, this quince paste elevates the taste experience with its sweet and fruity essence. Its ability to complement both mild and robust cheeses makes it a beloved addition to charcuterie platters, offering a burst of flavor that tantalizes the palate.

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