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Knorr Meatball Set (Cig Kofte) 120g

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Knorr Meatball Set (Cig Kofte), is an all-in-one solution crafted to make preparing traditional Turkish Cig Kofte a delightful and convenient experience. This set, curated by Knorr, includes a harmonious blend of spices, bulgur wheat, and a special sauce, providing you with the essential components to create authentic and flavorful Cig Kofte at home.

The set allows you to adjust the spice level according to your preference, providing flexibility in crafting Cig Kofte that suits your taste.


Brown raw meat bulgur (83.3%), starch, Urfa pepper (2.6%), dried ground onion, salt, dried ground red pepper (1.8%), garlic, hot red pepper (0.9%), black pepper, allspice, cumin, vegetable oil (sunflower) ), parsley, sugar, cinnamon, basil, mint.

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How To Use:
1- Add the Knorr Vegan Meatball into a medium bowl.

2- Add boiling water and wait 5 minutes.

3- After adding the other ingredients, knead it until it gets a homogeneous consistency.

4- Shape the raw meatballs we kneaded and serve with greens.

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