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Caykur Organic Hemsin Tea 400g

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Organic Hemşin Tea captures the essence of Turkey's picturesque Hemşin region, celebrated for its pristine landscapes and ideal conditions for tea cultivation. This special blend is meticulously crafted from organic tea leaves nurtured in the fertile soils of Hemşin, where lush valleys and cool mountain air contribute to the tea's unique flavor.

Harvested with care and in harmony with nature, this organic tea embodies the natural purity of its surroundings. The tea leaves, grown without synthetic pesticides or chemicals, offer a cup that's rich in character, exuding a delightful balance and distinct notes influenced by the region's terroir.

Known for its briskness and invigorating taste, Hemşin tea is often enjoyed traditionally in Turkish households, steeped in cultural rituals and warm hospitality. Its inviting aroma and flavorful profile make it a cherished part of daily gatherings and moments shared with loved ones.


Hemsin black tea leaves

Country Of Origin



Best enjoyed hot and often paired with a slice of Turkish delight or a sweet pastry

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