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Air Flown Fresh Samphire Sea Asparagus (Sea Beans) 150g

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Air-Flown Fresh Samphire, also known as Sea Asparagus or Sea Beans—a unique and succulent coastal plant meticulously transported to preserve its peak freshness, distinctive flavor, and exceptional quality. Handpicked from coastal areas renowned for superior produce, this Samphire is swiftly flown to your kitchen, embodying the essence of seaside freshness and culinary excellence.

Samphire boasts a crisp texture and a distinctive salty, briny flavor reminiscent of the sea. Its vibrant green stalks offer a delightful crunch and a burst of oceanic freshness, making it a sought-after ingredient among seafood enthusiasts and culinary explorers.

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Blanch or steam it for a tender side dish, or sauté it briefly with butter or olive oil to complement seafood dishes. Its versatility extends to being a flavorful garnish for fish, adding a unique touch of coastal flavor to various recipes.

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