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Free Delivery For Orders $100 & Above!

Anadolu Lezzetleri Freekeh Wheat (Firik) 500g

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Freekeh, also known as Firik, is a type of ancient grain that's gaining popularity due to its unique taste and nutritional benefits.

Nutritional powerhouse and an ancient grain cherished for its robust flavor and exceptional health benefits. Harvested while young and green, then carefully roasted and threshed, Freekeh boasts a distinct nutty taste and delightful smokiness that sets it apart from other grains.

Packed with nutrients, Freekeh offers a rich source of protein, fiber, and essential minerals, making it a wholesome addition to a balanced diet. Its low glycemic index and high fiber content contribute to a feeling of fullness and sustained energy, promoting overall well-being.

 Freekeh may sound new to you, but like barley and farro, this nutritious wholegrain has been part of the Mediterranean diet for centuries! And if you’re looking to change things up from your typical grain or rice, it’s time to try it. You’ll love its chewy texture and unique, slightly smoky flavor. 



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Freekeh serves as a flavorful base for various dishes. Whether used in pilafs, salads, soups, or as a standalone side dish

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