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Free Delivery For Orders $100 & Above!

XL Low Salt Gemlik Black Olives 200g

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Savor the bold and exquisite flavors of Gemlik Black Olives from Turkey, an unrivaled Mediterranean delight that embodies centuries of culinary tradition. Handpicked from the fertile soils of the Gemlik region, these olives boast a unique and robust taste, setting them apart as a true gastronomic treasure.

Renowned for their plumpness, smooth texture, and rich, fruity aroma, our Gemlik Black Olives captivate the senses with each briny bite.

Gemlik is a more meaty, less salty, and small-seeded olive compared to other olives.


Gemlik olives

Country Of Origin



Toss these olives into salads or pasta dishes to add a burst of bold flavor, elevating your culinary creations with the distinct taste of Gemlik.

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