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Free Delivery For Orders $100 & Above!

Cankiri (Fine) Rock Salt 150g

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Çankırı Rock Salt is a valuable rock salt formed 250-300 million years ago. Rock salts do not contain polluting heavy metals that can be found in the lake or sea salts. Çankırı Rock Salt is not refined. 

Since it is not refined, it does not contain moisture inhibitors, fluidity enhancers, and bleaching chemicals. It is in its pure and natural state when it is completely extracted from the soil. 

Contains 84% ​​Sodium Chloride. It is present in natural salts and is not taken from the elements separated during refining. 84 elements are still present in it. There is no external iodine added to our Çankırı Rock Salt, 

Cankiri Rock Salt

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Ideal for use in salt grinders or as a finishing touch on dishes, its coarse texture makes it a versatile choice for seasoning meats, vegetables, or enhancing the flavors in brines and marinades.

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