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Free Delivery For Orders $100 & Above!

Caykur Organic Black Tea 500g

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Carefully nurtured and harvested by organic practices, this black tea maintains the purity of its flavors without the presence of synthetic pesticides or chemicals. Its bold and robust taste profile, achieved through the oxidation of tea leaves, delivers a gratifying and distinctive cup, often characterized by its deep color and full-bodied notes.

In Turkey, tea holds a special place in social gatherings, often brewed using a double teapot method and served piping hot in small tulip-shaped glasses. This beloved tradition embodies warmth, hospitality, and shared moments among friends and family.


Organic Black Tea Leaves

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enjoyed on its own or blended with herbs and spices, its versatility allows for various brewing methods, from classic steeping to the creation of enticing tea-based beverages.

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