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Dupnisa Gobek Kashkaval Cheese 260g

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A revered cheese in Turkish gastronomy, derives its name from its characteristic rounded shape ('Göbek' meaning 'belly button' in Turkish) and is a variation of the renowned Kashkaval cheese.

This semi-hard cheese, crafted from cow's, sheep's, or goat's milk or a blend thereof, boasts a smooth and slightly elastic texture. With a savory taste and a mild yet distinctive flavor profile, Göbek Kashkaval Cheese embodies the versatility and richness typical of Kashkaval varieties.

This cheese matures for a minimum of 6 months, during which time its aroma intensifies and its flavor deepens. Its texture is a distinctive yellow color and its structure is slightly hard. Its easily melting nature makes it a delectable treat.


Pasteurized Cow's milk – Salt- Rennet (Shirden Yeast)

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sliced for sandwiches, grated over pastas, melted in baked dishes, or served alongside fruits and nuts

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