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Hatay Homemade Aci (Spicy) Pepper Paste 500g

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This Homemade Aci Pepper Paste is made from locally sourced, sun-ripened red peppers, carefully selected for their intense flavor and heat. The peppers are expertly blended and slow-cooked to perfection, allowing the paste to develop its robust taste and vibrant color.

This spicy pepper paste is a staple in Hatay's kitchens, where it is used to add depth to stews, sauces, and a variety of dishes. Its versatility makes it an essential ingredient for those seeking to infuse their recipes with the bold and authentic taste of Hatay cuisine.

Whether you're preparing a sizzling kebab, a savory stew, or a zesty dip, Hatay Aci Pepper Paste provides the perfect balance of heat and flavor. Its concentrated richness makes it an ideal choice for enhancing the taste of both traditional Turkish dishes and global culinary creations.


Sun dried pepper, salt and olive oil. Does not contain preservatives or additives.

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Adds depth to stews, sauces, and a variety of dishes!

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