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Itimat Erzincan Tulum 250g

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Known for its bold taste and crumbly texture, Erzincan Tulum from Itimat is a true expression of the artistry and heritage of Turkish cheese craftsmanship.

Tulum Cheese is specifically produced with a mixture of either goat, cow, or sheep milk from the eastern plateaus and is perfectly matured. Itimat Erzincan Tulum undergoes a meticulous aging process, allowing it to develop a robust flavor profile with earthy undertones. The cheese is then encased in a natural tulum, a traditional sack made from animal hide, further enhancing its unique characteristics.

Itimat Erzincan Tulum is a versatile cheese that adds a touch of rustic charm to your table. Its bold and savory notes make it an excellent choice for cheese platters, complementing olives, fruits, and nuts.


Sheep’s milk, goat’s milk, cow’s milk, natural rennet, and salt. Contains at least 45% fat milk in dry matter.

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Best choice for salads, or with butter and naan.

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