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Itimat Trakya Aged Kashkaval Cheese (Eski Kasar)

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Trakya Aged Kashkaval Cheese, also known as "Eski Kasar" in Turkish, is a distinctive and flavorful cheese that hails from the Thrace region of Turkey. This aged Kashkaval cheese undergoes a meticulous aging process, resulting in a rich and robust flavor profile that sets it apart from its younger counterparts.

Trakya Aged Kashkaval boasts a bold and full-bodied flavor, often described as nutty, savory, and slightly tangy. The aging period allows for the development of complex taste nuances.eriod, which can vary, the cheese develops a firmer texture and a more intense taste.

With its slightly bitter and accentuated taste on the palate, it is called old cheddar with pepper. An accent cheese with a hard texture, medium salt, slightly yellowish color and very aromatic flavors. 


Pasteurized sheep milk, goat milk, cow milk, salt, and curdled milk. Contains minimum 45% milk fat at dry matter.

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Serve Trakya Aged Kashkaval on cheese platters, complemented by fruits, nuts, and honey, allowing its robust flavor to shine.

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