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Free Delivery For Orders $100 & Above!

Siha Sage 50g

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Siha Sage Tea boasts a distinct earthiness, creating a refined and robust flavour profile. The aromatic notes of sage leaves provide a unique taste that is both grounding and invigorating.

Enjoy the digestive benefits of sage with every sip. Siha Sage Tea can be a comforting choice after meals, helping to ease occasional indigestion and supporting digestive health.

Siha Sage Tea is naturally caffeine-free, making it an ideal beverage for any time of the day. Revel in the goodness of sage without the stimulating effects of caffeine.


Sage tea

Country Of Origin



1. Bring fresh water to a boil and allow it to cool slightly. The ideal water temperature for brewing sage tea is around 200°F (93°C).

2. Steep Siha Sage Tea for 5-7 minutes, allowing the sage leaves to release their full flavor and herbal goodness. Adjust the steeping time based on your preference for a milder or stronger infusion.

3. Sage tea has a naturally robust flavor, but you can customize your experience by adding a twist of lemon, a drizzle of honey, or your preferred sweetener. Discover your perfect combination.

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