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Free Delivery For Orders $100 & Above!

Sutas Suzme Yogurt 750g

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Sutas Suzme Yogurt is renowned for its exceptionally creamy texture. With a luxurious mouthfeel, it unfolds like silk on the palate, creating a sumptuous experience with every spoonful. 

Sutas Suzme Yogurt undergoes a meticulous straining process, removing excess whey to achieve its thick and velvety consistency. The straining process also enhances the yogurt's nutritional profile, making it a wholesome choice.

It does not contain preservatives.


Pasteurized cow's milk and yoghurt culture.

Country Of Origin



Elevate your dessert game by incorporating Sutas Suzme Yogurt into recipes. Its creamy texture adds a luxurious touch to desserts like cheesecakes, parfaits, and ice creams.

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