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Free Delivery For Orders $100 & Above!

Suzulmus Kardesler Full Fat Matured White Cheese

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Made from the finest quality milk, Suzulmus Kardesler ensures that each batch of Full Fat Matured White Cheese reflects the brand's dedication to premium ingredients. The result is a cheese that encapsulates the essence of Turkish dairy tradition. Aged to perfection, this cheese exudes an elegant maturity that elevates its taste profile. The aging process imparts a depth of flavour and a sophisticated character, making it a gourmet choice for discerning palates.

Despite its matured nature, the cheese retains a creamy and dense texture that invites you to savour each bite. The velvety consistency adds a luxurious touch to your culinary creations.


Pasteurized Cow Milk - Salt - Rennet (Yeast from Sher)

Country Of Origin



Add a layer of indulgence to your sandwiches and wraps by incorporating slices of this full-fat white cheese. Its creamy texture enhances the overall mouthfeel, making your everyday meals extraordinary.

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